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Zhongyu and Super Z Attack Team

These two bands are related both by the prominence of the letter Z and the compositions of Jon Davis. Zhongyu is a five-piece, primarily studio project, and Super Z Attack Team (SZAT) is a trio, a subset of the full band (along the lines of the legendary "small, highly mobile unit"). Who knows, there may be other configurations in the future...


  • Jon Davis — Most of the compositions, Chapman Stick, guzheng, keyboards, theremin, electronics, percussion, miscellaneous toys (Zhongyu + SZAT)
  • James DeJoie — Baritone saxophone, flute, bass clarinet, bamboo flute, percussion, voice, electronics (Zhongyu + SZAT)
  • Randy Doak — Drums, percussion (Zhongyu + SZAT)
  • Dennis Rea — Acoustic and electric guitars (Zhongyu)
  • Alicia DeJoie — Electric violin (Zhongyu)

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Here's the promotional trailer for the album. Check out the Live page for some live videos.

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Latest news

Short Notice Parliament Show: March 22

Not a lot of lead time, but we've got another Super Z show set up at the Parliament. On Thursday March 22, we'll be appearing with Dick Dogs. Here's the Facebook event page. We've got a kick-ass set planned. Event poster by Jon Davis Dick Dogs is an improvisational trio put together by bassist extraordinaire John Seman with guitarist Simon Henneman and drummer Garrett Moore. It's going to be an interesting night!

4210 SW Admiral Way
Seattle, Washington

Off-topic: 2 November 2017

At the Parliament, Jon with Cooking Churchill

4210 SW Admiral Way
Seattle, Washington

Facebook event page

For a while now, Jon has been playing in the improvisational groove band called Cooking Churchill with Charley Rowan (keyboards) and Kevin Cook (drums). This will be our second appearance at the Parliament in West Seattle. Also on the bill is the band Raging Maggots — and with a name like that, they have to be good! This group has been existence since 1984, which makes them something like 173 in band years.

The plan calls for Cooking Churchill starting by 8:30, and Maggots after us, so come early, hang out at West Seattle's best live music venue, and partake in the best entertainment a Thursday night could possibly hold.

Another Super Z show — September 2 at the High Dive

2017 is already a year with more activity than ever before for this group of quixotic musical explorers. And the gigs keep coming...

This is going to be another weird and wonderful bill. At the center we have The Squirrels, a Seattle institution featuring some old friends from back in the Wild Debbies era. Opening up will be Mark Nichols and his Everexpanding Experience Machine, which has to be seen to be believed. As it happens, Mark shared a house with Jon while both were students at WSU, and has also worked with Jim. Super Z will finish off the evening with our brand of musical insanity. Check out the Facebook event page and stay up to date on ticket availability. It's a great alternative to the crowded, expensive Bumbershoot festival.

Seaprog 2017 is history!

Thanks to everyone who came out for the show and said nice things about our set. It was great fun, and even with the technical difficulties, about the best sound we've ever had. Pictures to come...

Upcoming Live Show — Super Z Slated for Seaprog 2017

We are thrilled to have been selected to play the Seaprog festival for the second time. Super Z Attack Team will be appearing on the main stage at the Columbia City Theater on Saturday, June 3, 2017, at 3:00pm. A few years ago, we got to play the theater's front room, and it's nice to see we're moving up in the world!

Seaprog poster design by Nat Damm

There are lots of other great bands on the bill for this festival, including our local friends Pinto Wagonfire, Fraktal Phantom, and Moon Letters, along with out-of-town acts like Ibex, Human Ottoman, Zero Times Everything, Points North, and Jack o' the Clock. Have a look at the Seaprog site for all the details and to purchase advance tickets. Here's the Facebook event page — make sure you let us know you're coming!

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