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Zhongyu and Super Z Attack Team

These two bands are related both by the prominence of the letter Z and the compositions of Jon Davis. Zhongyu is a five-piece, primarily studio project, and Super Z Attack Team (SZAT) is a trio, a subset of the full band (along the lines of the legendary "small, highly mobile unit"). Who knows, there may be other configurations in the future...


  • Jon Davis — Most of the compositions, Chapman Stick, guzheng, keyboards, theremin, electronics, percussion, miscellaneous toys (Zhongyu + SZAT)
  • James DeJoie — Baritone saxophone, flute, bass clarinet, bamboo flute, percussion, voice, electronics (Zhongyu + SZAT)
  • Randy Doak — Drums, percussion (Zhongyu + SZAT)
  • Dennis Rea — Acoustic and electric guitars (Zhongyu)
  • Alicia DeJoie — Electric violin (Zhongyu)

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Here's the promotional trailer for the album. Check out the Live page for some live videos.

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Latest news

Sonarchy "Live" Radio Broadcast Scheduled

Back in July, all of the people involved in the band gathered at Jack Straw Productions to record a live set of music. The first half consisted of Jon, Jim, and Randy doing a set of Super Z tunes, then Alicia and Dennis joined for some Zhongyu material taken from the album.

The sonic mastermind of Sonarchy, Doug Haire, has mixed and mastered the live performance (no do-overs here!) and set the air date as October 23, 2016 on KEXP FM. The show goes on at midnight Sunday night (AKA Monday morning), but will also be available as a podcast for more convenient listening

A couple of the segments are posted on our Soundcloud page already, in Jon's own mixes, not Doug's.

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