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Zhongyu and Super Z Attack Team

These two bands are related both by the prominence of the letter Z and the compositions of Jon Davis. Zhongyu is a five-piece, primarily studio project, and Super Z Attack Team (SZAT) is a trio, a subset of the full band (along the lines of the legendary "small, highly mobile unit"). Who knows, there may be other configurations in the future...


  • Jon Davis — Most of the compositions, Chapman Stick, guzheng, keyboards, theremin, electronics, percussion, miscellaneous toys (Zhongyu + SZAT)
  • James DeJoie — Baritone saxophone, flute, bass clarinet, bamboo flute, percussion, voice, electronics (Zhongyu + SZAT)
  • Randy Doak — Drums, percussion (Zhongyu + SZAT)
  • Dennis Rea — Acoustic and electric guitars (Zhongyu)
  • Alicia DeJoie — Electric violin (Zhongyu)

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Here's the promotional trailer for the album. Check out the Live page for some live videos.

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Zhongyu-Related Soundtrack

Jon has been working on music for a fascinating documentary film project about the wonderful teas of Taiwan. This project is ongoing, without a current timetable for release, but there are some segments available online. Here's one called Bound Together.

Latest news

Live Show Coming up — October 18, Blue Moon

On Friday, October 18, we'll be appearing at the Blue Moon in the University District with Pinto Wagonfire and Moraine. These are two of the best local bands, and it will be an All-Alumni Seaprog Artist show. See the Facebook event page for more details and to let us know you're coming. Note that Clearly Beloved was originally scheduled to appear, but circumstances have led to Moraine taking over. This will be Moraine's first appearance with their new bass player.

And watch for an announcement soon regarding a show in early December...

Next up: Blue Moon, September 27

Maybe you don't think of Zhongyu or Super Z Attack Team as psychedelic bands, but there's a kindred spirit of experimentation, and the music of the late 60s is a huge influence on our sound. As such, we're going to be playing at the Psychedelic Autumn Equinox Festival, September 27-28 at the Blue Moon in the University District. We're playing on Friday night, the 27th.

Not only that, but this is going to be an extra-special dual appearance by both Super Z Attack Team and Zhongyu. Yes, we're going to pull out some of the music from the album and play it live for the first time in years (since our Sonarchy show). The core Super Z trio will be joined by guitarist Dennis Rea, fresh back from his tour of Russia and Tuva (this is not a joke, he really is doing it), and violinist Alicia DeJoie.

We'll also have some special new material to bolster the psychedelic theme. And a guzheng. More details on the Facebook event page.

Live Shows Coming This Fall

After a summer of little activity while musicians are busy running around the globe having lives outside of Super Z Attack Team, things are starting to look up for live performances. We've got one show already announced and a couple more in the works.

Saturday, September 7, we'll be at the Parliament in West Seattle. Also on the bill, the great KO Electric with sax wizard Kate Olson. It's a special birthday-ish occasion, so the fesivity index will be cranked up higher than usual. Stop by the Facebook event page and let us know you can make it. Event poster

Stay tuned for more announcements as contracts are signed. Just kidding, there are no contracts for shows like this!

New Demos on Soundcloud

We've been working on documenting all the tunes in the Super Z repertoire, using our regular practice space as a studio. Generally, we'll do a few live takes until we get one we like, then Jon will take the basic tracks and do a few overdubs, equalization, and so on.

There's a playlist that happens to be about the normal length for a full album. Imagine that.